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Our Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats 2019 is different than the others you can find online. First of all, this thing actually works. There are a lot of fake KKH Tips that promising free stars, but when you check your game, you end up with nothing. Here, at KKH Cheats for iOS / Android, we are trying to bring the best features and a gaurantee that you will come back to our website for more Stars, Cash and Energy.
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How To Cheat?

  • 1

    Click 'Start Cheating' button

    You will arrive to other page. Here is where the magic happens.

  • 2

    Type your E-mail or Username and Choose Device

    This process also checking that account is existing.

  • 3

    Select the amount of resources you want

    Type in the box number of Cash, Stars, and Energy amount. Make sure you are not exceeding the maximum.

  • 4

    Click 'Generate'

    This will begin the Cheating process. Please be patient while we generate the necessary files to send to the KKH servers.

  • 5

    Complete human verification

    Sometimes you will maybe have to complete the human verification process. This allows us to filter out the bots that spam our website. You can verify that you are human through a quick survey or sharing on social networks.

  • 6

    Check your Game Account

    Finally, log into your Kim Kardashian Hollywood game and confirm that you received the requested amount of Stars, Cash and Energy. According to latest analysis success rate is about 80% out of 1200 attempts. In case generator did not work, give it one more try.

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  • Q. What is KK Hollywood Cheats?

    A. This website is the official home of the KKH Online tool. We are offering to our visitor free solution to get unlimited resources in KK hollywood Game. All you need to do is to fill out quick questionnaire or share us. Try our Kim Kardashian Hollywood Generator 2019 now!

  • Q. Will my account get banned?

    A. You don't have to download anything, The KK Hollywood Cheat 2019 is 100% in the browser. Also, it is impossible to get banned as long as you stay at daily limit.

  • Q. What are the specifics about this Kim Kardashian Cheats Script?

    This Cheat works by taking advantages of servers glitches until the data is accepted. This method is very common in game cheating, especially for browser and mobile based games. For example, we will send a request with the generated amount of Stars and Cash about 200 times a second, and the KKH servers will eventually send a 200 (OK) request back, meaning that it was accepted.

  • Will the questionnaire give me spam?

    No they won't. We work with our sponsors very closely and we make sure that they don't do anything related to spam. You can expect from them to send you a confimration email where you need to do verification. Make sure you are using valid e-mail so you can confirm it, otherwise you will not receive requested resources.


Everything worked excellent. Good work KK Hollywood Cheats Team!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheat Review

First time didn't work, but then I tried again and got requested amount.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheat Review

Saved me more than 150 dollars so far. thanks.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheat Review

I've used this Cheat 10 times already, but once daily. No issues so far. Thanks!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheat Review


About the game

If you haven't installed Kim Kardashian Hollywood, what are you doing here? :) Just kidding. Seriously, you need to play it. Here's a little description of the game:

Basically, you are becoming Kim Kardashian, yes you red correctly :). You are starting to do her basic daily activities. You can also bring your friends to the ride using Facebook and help each other. It's all about Stars, Cash and Energy. So, if you want to rise to fame and dominate in this game you''ll definitely need our Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats Website.

In case you didn't start to play this game yet, here are the links: Google Play and iTunesIt's fun and it's free! Especially with our KK Hollywood Cheats.

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